Crowns, Bridges & Implants

CROWNS: Crowns are placed over a weak or damaged tooth to help protect it from further damage, kind of like a helmet for the tooth.They are colour matched to your natural teeth and shaped and sized according to your natural smile.There are a few different types of crowns avaliable which offer different benefits and advantages.

  • Metal Porcelain Crowns involve a layer of metal alloy and a layer of porcelain to ensure your tooth is strong and looks natural.
  • Zirconia Crowns are the most durable crowns available and also one of the most natural looking restorations.
BRIDGES: A dental bridge may be recommended if you have lost a tooth or had one removed. They are made out of one or two pontics (solid false teeth) and are attached to existing adult teeth in the mouth by two exterior crowns.
IMPLANTS: Dental implants are designed to fill in a gap left by a missing or extracted tooth. It’s important to fill in gaps because it can cause your teeth to move which can lead to crooked teeth and more gaps. Dental implants also have restorative benefits as they provide stability and function to an otherwise compromised smile. If you leave a gap in your mouth this can alter the shape of your face and lead to sacrificed muscular support and in turn premature aging. A dental implant can maintain your muscles as well as jaw bone density which can also improve the appearance of your jaw.

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